We had several trips back to England between and during our folk music courses in France at La Jeusseliniere

We  have a terrific line-up of tutors for The La Jeusseliniere Experience 2006. We start in May with Iris Bishop and myself, then  Eric Bogle & John Munro, Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher, Mike Silver, Kevin Dempsey & Joe Broughton, John Dipper, Stan Graham, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, and finally Harvey Andrews.

So that then brings us up to date, or nearly up to date, as we seem to have so many things on the boil and future projects in the air. We have our annual performances of  The Maypoles to Mistletoe Show  in The Hawth Crawley, December 12th 13th  14th and The Electric Theatre in Guildford, December 19th 20th (see tournews) which illustrates the year through song music dance and the spoken word.