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The Olive and The Vine

The Olive and the Vine by Stan Graham                                                             A few years ago I was talking to our good friend Stan Graham about how I had [...]


January 2017

Well here at last are my writings from the tour in Australia from September to December of last year. Over the last few months my wonderful wife, Danni, has not been well and is only now slowly emerging from this problem. She is the one who is computer clever while I am the one who [...]


January 2016

Firstly I would like to start off by wishing everyone a happy New Year what's left of it and the later you read this the less there will be left of this 2016 year. As I write this we have had the first fall of snow and we should expect this in January but for [...]


January 2014

Well here we go into 2014, and I shall put my best foot forward. Mind you, I have never been totally sure as to which of my feet is the best one. I have always tried to treat them equally. If you were a centipede, how long would it take to decide which is your [...]


June 2013

 A Celebration of Graeme Miles – two special concerts to celebrate the life of a great singer songwriter  Featuring The Unthanks, The Wilsons, The Young’uns, Martyn Wyndham Read and Iris Bishop, Mike Nicholson, and Robin Dale. Some of the country’s most respected names in folk will come together to celebrate the life of Graeme Miles, [...]


January 2013

I had been waiting for the 20th of February to arrive with mixed feelings and it took several days, weeks, months and the odd year to arrive depending on when it was that I first started to wait for that date. The mixed feelings were caused by the fact that I was going off on [...]


January 2012

As usual I am late off the starting blocks with last years news and views and already this year is racing away at the usual alarming rate. One month gone already and as I am starting to write this up on the last day of January I note that there are now only 329 more [...]


January 2011

I thought that I would start at the end of the year and fulfil my New Year’s Resolution, made three hundred and sixty one days ago, to write up a review of the year. With just five days to go it is cutting the deadline a bit fine but here we go. But in my [...]


October 2009

Well here I go and late as usual and catching up with the time that has fairly whizzed by. As the saying goes “ Time Flies “ to which the response should be “ You can’t their flight is too irregular “ work that one out and all answers on a postcard addressed to whoever [...]


February 2009

...and on the subject of the music courses, some hot news that has just come about. One of our English friends here in France,  Alison Benn and her 8 year old daughter Harriet, came to lunch with us the other day and the long and the short of it is that Alison is keen to [...]

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