Sadly Danni and I have to announce that the courses at La Jeusseliniere will now no longer take place.

We had hoped that John and Yvonne Hart, who had expressed an interest in buying La Jeuss, would be able to continue with the courses, but this is not to be.

We will always remember the six years that we ran the courses at La Jeuss, as being very special times and the friendships forged between the tutors, students and ourselves are indeed deeply treasured.

Also the friendships amongst students and fellow students has been heart warming.

This is so important in this day and age and is something that both Dan and I will carry always in our hearts.

So we thank you all, each and every one of you for enriching our lives so fully and for giving us such wonderful memories which will always be with us.

A bright light on the horizon is the weekend we have planned up in Dunoon, Scotland , with previous La Jeuss tutors, Stan Graham, Mike Silver, Iris Bishop and myself over the weekend July 24th – 28th. This is to be another La Jeuss reunion and we hope to continue with these over the years and keep the wonderful spirit,and magic that you all helped create, of La Jeuss going.

Take care of yourselves and we hope to meet up with you “ along the track “

Martyn and Danni.

Details of the La Jeuss reunion are available from Stan Graham e-mail…