The Seasons of the Year

Every time I sing this song it brings back so many memories of the old farming life when machinery was not used and it was the skill of the farm labourers that shone through. Horses were the mode of transport and these gentle giants were such an asset. We have done a video of these horses ploughing the land with the song by Eric Payne in the background. This is on You Tube and under ‘Copper and May’ Martyn Wyndham-Read video. It was an experience that we will never forget.


The Seasons of the Year.

The sun it goes down the sky it looks red

Down on the pillow I lay down my head

I lift up mine eyes to see the stars shine 

And still this young damsel she runs through my mind.


When the sap it goes up the trees they will flaw 

We’ll first branch him round boys then put in the saw

And when we have sawed it and tumbled it down 

Then we will flaw it all on the cold ground. 

When flawing is over haying draws near 

With our scythes and our pitchfork some grass for to clear

And when we have mowed it and carried it away 

We first called it green grass we now call it hay. 

When haying is over harvest draws near

We’ll send for the brewer to brew us some beer

To brew us some beer for the hard working men

For they work late and early till harvest does end.


When the sap it comes down the leaves they will fall

The farmer to his hedging and ditching will call 

But when it’s hard weather there’s no working there 

And it’s into the barn boys some corn for to clear. 

When the Spring it comes on the maid to her cow 

The boy to his whip and the man to his plough

And so we bring all things so cheerfully round 

Success to the plough man who ploughs up the ground

Success to the plough man who ploughs up the ground.