An appropriate song for this time of year as it was on May 5th 1865 that Ben Hall was ambushed and shot by the traps { police } at 5 o’clock in the morning. Ben Hall was one of the best known Bushrangers of that time in Australia. He was popular and many mourned his death. Sally Sloane’s wonderful songs and music were collected by the great song collector John Meredith and are available through the National Library of Australia in Canberra. 


The Death of Ben Hall   from the singing of Sally Sloane. 

Come all you young Australians and hear what did befall

Concerning of a hero bold whose name it was Ben Hall 

An outcast of society he was forced to take the road 

Along as how his faithless wife road out from his abode. 

The traps pursued him like a dog through every hill and dale 

Until he turned to face the foe and made them all turn tail 

No petty mean nor pilfering act would bold Ben Hall endure

But robbed the rich and hearty man and scorned to rob the poor. 

One night as he lay hiding all on the Lachlan Plain 

The troopers all surrounded him his courage was in vain 

And as he raised to ease himself no knowing who was by 

Without a word of warning the bullets fast did fly. 

With thirty wounds they riddled him as ‘though they were afraid 

And in his dying moments he breathed curse on their heads

And cowardly hearted Condell the sergeant of police 

Crept up and fired with famous glee which gave him his release. 

Throughout Australia’s sunny clime Ben Hall will range no more

His fame is spread both far and near to every distant shore 

And generations after this to their children will recall 

The daring deeds committed by the dauntless Bold Ben Hall.