The Coppers Christmas Song

So now Christmas is come and we soon will have the turn of the year and this will be the last Song From The Settle until next year. What a song to finish with from the wonderful, inspirational and such good friends The Copper Family of sunny Sussex and an added bonus is to sing the song with my eldest granddaughter Harriet. 

Harriet has sung with me in our Maypoles to Mistletoe production for the last 17 years and it is a real joy to sing with her and to pass these songs on. Danni and all our family wish you all a very merry Christmas followed by a healthy safe and Happy New Year, and thank you for watching Songs From The Settle. Martyn

The Coppers Christmas Song. 

The trees are all bare not one leaf to be seen 

And the meadows their beauty has lost 

Now winter has come and ’ tis cold for man and beast 

And the streams they are 

And the streams they are all fast bound down with frost. 

“Twas down in the farmyard where the oxen feed on straw

And they send forth their breath like a steam 

Sweet Betsy the milk maid now quickly she must go 

For flakes of ice she finds 

For flakes of ice she finds a-floating on her cream. 

“Tis now all the small birds to the barn door fly for food 

And gently they rest on the spray

A-down the plantation the hares do search for food 

And lift their footsteps sure

Lift their footsteps sure for fear they should betray. 

Now Christmas is come and our song is nearly done 

For we soon will have the turn of the year

So fill up your glasses and let your health go round 

For I wish you all 

For I wish you all a joyful New Year.