The Aged Stockman

These words were originally written by the poet Jim Grahame who was a mate of Henry Lawson and they both spent many days tramping through the outback  experiencing the harshness and the beauty of the Bush. I spent time working on a sheep and cattle station so I am now becoming a fully qualified AGED stockman and so wrote the tune for these expressive words. Martyn

The Aged Stockman     words Jim Grahame. Tune M. Wyndham-Read.

On the Darling and the Castlereagh when I was in me prime 

As stockman on the cattle run I spent most of me time 

I had whips of strength and energy and didn’t want for pluck 

And always my delight to ride a stock horse that could buck.

I was all there in the cattle yard could yard up draft and spey

And I could swing the head rope and the drafting stick all day

 I used to scruff the clean skins I was handy in the pen 

I could use the knife and leg rope with the other cattle men.

I could hold me own upon the camp or mustering on the run 

I had horses I could saddle up and ride from sun to sun 

I could yard the wildest pikers and could cut out against time 

And I could make me stock whip ring when I was in me prime.

Now me good old dogs and horses too they all have gone to rest

Those dear good old dumb favourites I surely had the best 

Now me head is growing snowy white the years are rolling on 

And I often sigh for those days gone by 

Those merry days long gone.