Silence and Tears

As I always introduce this as the words being written by Ron who was better known as Lord Byron. , but we will go no further. A few years ago, when I was on my way back from a tour in Australia, I stopped off in Hong Kong as I had a booking there at the folk club. I was very lucky to be staying with Pete and Iris Benzie. They went off to work as teachers during the day leaving me to my own devises. I was gazing at their collection of books and there was one that caught my eye,a book on various collected poems which I thought I would have a look through. On placing it on the table it fell open on the page that this poem Silence and Tears was on and I thought “Yes this should make into a song” So I pulled up a chair and sat with my guitar in hand, read through the words and the tune appeared. This has happened on a few occasions and it is almost as if the words dictate the tune.



Silence and Tears  words Lord Byron. Tune Martyn Wyndham-Read                                                                                              

When we two parted in silence and tears 

Half broken hearted to sever for years 

Pale grew your cheek colder your kiss 

Truly that hour meant sorrow like this.


The dew of the morning felt chill on my brow 

It felt like a warning to what I feel now 

The vows are all broken light is your fame 

I hear your name spoken and share in it’s shame.


They name you before me to ring in my ear

A shudder comes over why were you so dear

They know not I knew you who knew you so well 

Long shall I love you too deeply to tell.


In secret we met in silence we grieve 

That you’d forget and your spirit deceive 

And if I meet you after long years 

How should I greet you in silence and tears.