Shepherd on the Hill / Shepherd on the Fell

Another evocative song by Graeme Miles depicting loneliness, a difficult emotion to cope with under any circumstances. I know that there is a discrepancy in the words we have printed and my singing of them. The printed words are the words that actually wrote and over the years my singing of it has slightly changed some of the words.     Martyn

Shepherd on the Hill

I am a shepherd on the hill

By yonder burn I drink my fill

And come what may and come what will

The loneliness will always find me

I know every stone upon the fell

And every twisted route as well

And when I have a tale to tell

The loneliness will always listen

Loneliness, oh loneliness,

Never far behind me

Loneliness oh loneliness

Hand in hand, beside me

Each morning at the break of day

Just as the skies are turning grey

Up yonder ridge I make my way

Where loneliness is waiting for me

And when at night and all is still 

As the mist comes creeping down the hill

Upon my cheek I feel a chill

And the loneliness taps me on my shoulder.

When comes the spring and all is new

And the first green shoots are sprouting through

And the lamb is prancing round the ewe

The loneliness will smile and beckon

Summer days are long and warm

Around my head the swallows swarm

And I lay to rest among the corn

And loneliness lies down beside me

In autumn days are drawing in

And the dying sun shines pale and thin

I feel a tingle on my skin

And the loneliness casts a long dark shadow

The winter is the worst of all

When the fell is swept by snow and squall

I huddle by a dry stone wall

And loneliness curls up beside me

When at last the time does come

And all my working days are done

I turn and find I have no-one

Loneliness my sole companion

I am a shepherd of the hills

By yonder burn I drink my fill

And come what may and come what will

Loneliness will always find me