Originally this was a poem written by Jimmy Connors  and set to a well know tune. I first heard this sung many years ago in Australia and it has remained one of my favourite Australian songs, along with all the others. It is interesting to see how the lyrics, and sometimes the tunes, change over the years and I know and fully admit to being a culprit of this as sometimes you forget the words and substitute another word and this then sticks. I put this down to part of “The Folk Process” as an excuse !! I learned this from the Queensland folk song collectors. Geoff and Nancy Wills and it has remained one of my favourite songs. Mind you every song that I sing is my favourite song !!   Martyn

REEDY LAGOON    by Jimmy Connors

The sweet scented wattle sheds perfume around,

Enticing the bird and the bee,

And I’m lying full length, on the fern-covered ground

In the shade of a Currajong tree

And far overhead I can hear the sweet strain

Of the butcher bird singing his tune,

For the Spring in her splendour has come once again

To the banks of the Reedy Lagoon.

My swag I have carried for many a mile,

My boots are worn out at the toes,

And my dress of the season is a far different style

To my dress of last season God knows

My cooking utensils, I’m sorry to say,

Consist of a knife fork and spoon;

But there’s bread beef and tea, in the battered Jack Shea

On the banks of the Reedy Lagoon.

There was Jacky the breaker and couldn’t he ride

And Percy the hard working boy 

And Henry of late who has taken a bride

Glad Benedict life to endure 

And big Jock the stockman I once herd him say

He could wrestle the famous Muldune

But they’re far far away and I’am lonely today

On the banks of the Reedy Lagoon.

Oh where is the young girl whose green eyes shone 

I often have kissed and caressed

She’e lying tonight in a far distant home 

With her head on another man’s breast

She said she’d be true and my life she would share 

It seems she’s forgotten so soon

And it’s hard to keep square when she doesn’t care

On the banks of the Reedy Lagoon.