I Drew My Ship

This song came to me back in Melbourne, Australia, in the early 1960’s when there would always be a Saturday night party where many people would congregate and sing songs. Many of these were songs from the British Isles and were sung by people emigrating to Australia and bringing their songs with them, I believe this came from the North East. Martyn

I Drew My Ship       Trad

I drew my ship into the harbour 

I drew it close where my love lay 

I drew it close unto her window

To listen to what my love did say.

Whose there whose there close at my window 

Who knocks so loud and would come in 

It is your true love who loves you dearly 

So rise my love and let me in. 

Well slowly slowly got she up 

And slowly slowly came she down 

But when she got the door unlocked

Her own true love had come and gone. 

He’s brisk and braw he’s far away 

He’s far beyond the raging sea

Where fishes dancing and bright eyes glancing 

Have made him quite forget his own.