Far and Fatal Shore

The inspiration for this song came after reading an explicit book on the convict transportation to Australia in the 1800s. Just to try and imagine the suffering that the men and women went through just to reach this Fair and Shinning land is almost unimaginable. But their fortitude was a strong as their characters and formed the foundation of Australia and Australians today. There is a twist to the tale !!!!   Martyn

FAR AND FATAL SHORE.    Words and Tune by M.Wyndham-Read

On that very day we landed chains and irons on our feet 

Four long months out on the ocean bitter grief and bread to eat

Fourteen years of transportation for a crime that killed no man

But the keepers caught and tried us sent us to Van Diemens land.

Those of us who made the journey to this Far and Fatal Shore

Knew our lives would change forever and we’d see our homes no more

Some too weak to stand unaided on the deck they lay alone

The dead were gathered up together to dark waters they were thrown. 

Fourteen years stretched out before me in this fair and shinning land 

Where each day is filled with toiling breaking rocks or shifting sand

But there’s joy and not despair now for we’re told there will be ways 

For us transports to make homes here and it’s where we’ll end our days.

There’s a lady from old England and from Bristol she was sent 

Seven years for taking clothing just for warmth was her intent 

But we’ll join our lives together and out in the Bush we’ll stay 

Clearing land and running cattle from the dawn to end of day. 

So you sent us from old England to this land on dust and flys 

But you never saw the beauty of the Bush or starlit skies 

Sent us convicts to Australia while in England you did stay 

Seems to me you got it wrong mate should have been the other way.