Drift from the Land  by  Graeme Miles

As with so many songs that have been written by the late but very great Graeme Miles they are still relevant today as they were when they were written some sixty and more years ago. Agriculture is such an important aspect of country life and with some of the modern machinery the traditional ways of the farm labourer are slowly vanishing. As Graeme says “You can’t blame the young” for moving into the seductive towns but there are some who have inherited the love of the land and not the Drift from the Land. Martyn


Drift From The Land.   By Graeme Miles.  

All the young fellas have gone to the factory 

To learn their new trade making iron and steel 

When they pick up their wages they’ll wonder however

They managed on the money they made in the field. 


All the young fellas have gone to the city 

All the young fellas have gone to the town

Where they’ll be earning nearly double the money 

They ever earned at the harrow and plough. 

Down in the valley the sound of a tractor 

Young Johnny Dickenson sits at the wheel 

But this time next week he’ll be in some hot foundry 

Casting the iron and rolling the steel. 


Down by the hedgerow Billy Dowson is working 

The blade from his sickle glints in the bright sun

But in less than an hour he’ll pack up his gear 

And his last day of working the land will be done. 


Well you can’t blame the young uns for throwing the towel in 

They’ll be much better of making iron and steel 

But the drift from the land it will always continue 

Till the money gets better for the men in the field.