Cold Run The Waters Of The Tees

Another one of Graeme Miles’s songs written roundabout 1962. Although Graeme was born in Kent, the family moved up to the North East which became Graeme’s home. Many of his songs describe the beauty of the North East and his experiences when working there in many different jobs and aspects of life.         Martyn

COLD RUN THE WATERS OF THE TEES.           Written by Graeme Miles.

Cold run the waters the waters of the Tees

On the shore bleak winter’s frost and snow 

And no bird is singing in the firmament above 

And the smoke from yonder factory rises slow.


And I am yet and even yet 

Thinking of the one I still adore

The one who said goodbye and gave no reason why 

When beneath the summer sun the Tees ran warm.

Black run the waters the waters of the Tees

Lapping round the barges on the quay

The last time I was here my love was by my side 

By the very side I thought she’d always be.


Slow run the waters the waters of the Tees

Passed the empty wharves and lofty cranes 

T’was on this very ground I stole my first warm kiss

How I wish I could live that time again. 


Silent run the waters the waters of the Tees 

Carrying the big ships to the sea

Constantly my mind dwells on the one I love 

And I wonder if she ever thinks me.