Beyond The Distant Hills

When I decided I’d like to try my hand at writing a farewell song I personally would love to sing, the muse hit me at that moment and the chorus came to me fully formed, complete with the tune. I was very excited and tried over the next days/weeks/months to come up with a verse tune that would do it justice, but to no avail. Reluctantly I shelved the idea and moved on. A couple of years later I revisited it and somehow the lyric for verse 1 popped into my head. I added a tune and then found – to my sheer delight – that it fit. After that, the rest came quite quickly. When Martyn heard me sing it and liked it enough to ask for a copy I felt especially honoured and humbled. He turned the song into something more special than I could have have imagined. Lawrence

I well remember hearing Lawrence Dean sing this at the Faversham Folk Club quite a few years ago now and it had a very strong impact on me. I spoke to Lawrence after and asked if I could learn his song to which he very kindly said “Yes” and that sealed a good night at Faversham a long running and well run Folk Club. I find the words moving and I think on so many of our friends here, and sadly some departed, that we have known over the years and each one of them a joy to know and that includes you.  Martyn.


Beyond the Distant Hills  written by Lawrence Dean.

The wheel of fate goes ever on it takes us where it will

Some will stay and some will go beyond the distant hill

You always were a friend to me we’ve been through thick and thin 

These parting words I’m bound to say but where do I begin.


For I don’t know the road you’ll travel or what lies in wait for you 

But my heart is with you always so adieu dear friend adieu. 

Oh I recall in days gone by of friendship and of cheer

I can’t foresee much joy for me when you’re no longer here 

And far across the ocean wide where ever you may be 

As oft as I will think on you I hope you’ll think on me.


And so I come to wish you well forever and a day

May fortune shine it’s light on you and guide you on your way.

Chorus x2