Across The Warrego

Jim Grahame was a good mate of Henry Lawson, the  great Australian poet and writer. They would often go tramping in the Wide Australian Outback and I feel that on one occasion he would have felt inspired to write this set of words, as indeed was I inspired to write this tune to make his poem into a song, tune to poem to song.  Martyn


Across the Warrego Words by Jim Grahame / Tune  M. Wyndham-Read


I dreamt some dreams of dried up streams of streams that seldom flow

Of men and things misfortune brings to cross the Warrego

And I could see old faces there old faces grim and set

Old mates of mine that tramped with me and some are tramping yet.

And in my sleep I saw the sheep and heard them bleeting low

The ringing flocks the stringing flocks that crossed the Warrego 

The young and strong were in the lead the old and weak behind 

With lagging feet and dragging feet and some of them were blind. 

And in my dreams I saw the teams the teams I used to know 

The long long teams the strong strong teams that crossed the Warrego

And lurching wool bales strained the ropes that lashed them fore and aft

And every ounce of horse flesh pulled from leader to the shaft. 

I dreamt of nights by campfire lights the flicker and the glow 

The great white moon the black Gin’s croon across the Warrego

And I could hear the bullock bells ringing on the plain 

And thirsty kangaroos bounced in and bounded out again .

And in the scrub I saw a pub the name I do not know 

But it was there to cash the cheques that crossed the Warrego

A graveyard stood right out in the front two pepper trees were near

And goats were camping underneath a skillion at the rear. 

And in the night I woke in fright my pulse was far from slow

I dreamt that I was on the track along the Warrego

I dreamt a mirage danced ahead the dry plains at my back

 And I was trudging trudging on alone along the track

And I was trudging trudging on alone along the track.